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Part 2, The Rapture – one harvest

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Part 2, The Rapture–One Harvest In part one on the rapture study, I showed how the believers in the Father and Son have always been either in the midst of YHWH’s wrath against unbelievers or have had great tribulation directed at them because of their belief system.  Sometimes they were delivered and sometimes they weren’t. […]

Part 1, The Rapture

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Part 1, The pre-tribulation rapture–a false doctrine   Texts used to support a pre-tribulation rapture Last week a prominent Christian radio speaker was having a series on prophecy.  I listened about three nights and turned it off half way through each night because it was so far from what the scripture tells us.  Many Christians […]

Building a Fire in the Rain

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Last week as I was listening to Christian Radio, a program called Family Life Today caught my attention.  The speaker brought out an interesting concept I would like to share with you.  The analogy was this — that every marriage will have trials of some sort and that these trials can be compared to rain.  […]

Sacred Calendar Apologetics

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I have just updated the article entitled “Sacred Calendar Apologetics”.   The article is divided into four parts: The keeping of the sacred calendar is taken from YHWH’s statutes; The last-day Elijah message is a call for families to reunite with each other and to return to YHWH’s laws, statutes, and judgments; Who is worthy of […]

New articles have been added

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We are happy to announce that six more articles have been added to the sacred calendar page.  We have included an article on the weekly Sabbath, articles pertaining to the spring feasts, as well as an article chronicling the ministry of Yahushua through the sacred calendar cycle. The Spring Feasts articles are:  Passover-FUB: historical, type […]